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phd in history / payam noor univercity of tehran


The formation of Uniformed Army by Reza Khan was The beginning of a fundamental development in Iranian history. Although contemporary history researchs Have been examined in detail the political and military role and function of Reza Shah's army, but so far research has been made the internal conditions of the army, as well as the relationships between soldiers, officers, Generals and as well as its social status.The present study, for the first time, seeks to examine the internal situation of the army, using the descriptive-analytical method, relying on reliable sources, especially the narratives of the military, and to determine to what extent the September 1941 incident was affected by the military situation.In this regard, the research shows that despite the apparent authority, the army had serious problems and crises within it, including insecurity of soldiers, the gain wealth of officers, theft, bribery and even rape, and although Reza Shah made his efforts He tried to control the army but not only failed, also in some ways was the main cause of parts of these problems and the officers and generals of the army, with the assurance of his support, proceeded to prosper, plunder, embezzle, and plunder, and only a limited proportion of them have patriotic doctrines, and as a result, the Iranian army was The lack of sufficient patriotic commanders failed to deliver the expected performance in September 1941.


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