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The Journal of "Tahqiqāt-e Tārikh-e Ejtemā’i  " (Social History Studies)  of IHCS is a scientific research journal that publishes the articles and new research achievements of professors and researchers who are interested in all areas of social history, including theoretical and methodological grounding of social history studies, and social history approach to the various relevant subjects including: social classes and social stratification, everyday life and everyday economy, socio-cultural beliefs and practices, rites and ceremonies in organizational cultures, migration and population, social institutions, natural disasters and epidemics, medicine and health, pastoral and nomadic cultures, urban and rural settlements and comparative studies in social history. "Tahqiqāt-e Tārikh-e Ejtemā’i  " (Social History Studies) is improve the reader's  awareness  through the publication of the latest researches in Persian or English Language about  social history, etc.

 The following policies apply to this journal:

 1. The title of the journal is "Journal of Social History studies".

 2. The specialty field of the journal is social history.

 3. In this journal, after accepting the article, the type of article (research, extension, review, and other cases) will be listed on the first page of each article.

 4. The journal arbitration system is as follows:

  4-1. Preliminary review of all articles is done by the editorial board.

 4-2. Each article is review by at least two reviewers.

 4.3 At least, one editorial board meeting is held each month.

 4-4. during refereed article, the scientific rank of each article (scientific, promotional, review...) is determined and announced to the author of the article along with the judging results.

  4-5. The esteemed author is obliged to apply the desired corrections in the text of the article and send its written report to the editorial board of the journal for decided.

 4-6 Essential forms when submitting an article:

 Authors' commitment and non-conflict of interest form (click to download) This form should be completed manually, signed and sent to the article through the system. Each author in charge of the article, by signing the commitment and conflict of interest form that he entrusts to the journal, is responsible for and accepts the dissimilarity of the text of the article with the published or unpublished texts. Therefore, any answer in this regard will be the responsibility of the author of the article. It should also be noted that articles are reviewed by replication software before publication. These forms are kept in the journal office.

 Contact Us via Email: socialhistory.ihcs@hotmail.com

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Country: Iran                                                    Publisher: IHCS  

Category: socialhistory                                                     Language: Persian or English   

Journal Frequency: Biannual Journal                           Format: Printed & Online

Article Submission & Processing Charges: Yes        Process of Review: Double-Blind Review

 Access to Artticles: Free (Open Access) & Full Text      Review Time: 3 to 6 month

 Indexed: Yes                                                                   



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